Chai is absolutely Healthy


Some of our friends who is thin endorsing a strict diet with no caffeine. We have eventually given up on our life-saver just to lose a few extra kilos. Many experts dissing Our classic Indian masala Chai for being ‘unahealthy’. Some Celebrities who are nutritionist and dietician, have scratched all Chai-hater’s theories.

Bollywood Heroine  Khareenaa Kapoor Khan’s nutritionist has been an advocate of Indian cuisine and beverages and this time it’s no different. In a social media post, He has posted about how chai is absolutely healthy and should be consumed with white sugar! Here is what the health expert has to say about chai

“Chai/ coffee – to have or not to have –

*           Daily Taking 2-3 cups chai is totally fine.

*           We have to take Chai on Waking up in the morning and Before sleeping. Meanwhile in place of a meal during the day.

*           Indian masala chai (with milk and spices) is now being considered as an antioxidant rich health drink to aid recovery.