Plan in Guntur to kill Pawan


During the celebration of the Janasana party, Pawan held a large public meeting in Guntur. Pawan spoke in the House and criticized the Telugu Desam Party. With his sharp words TDP washed away. The letter written to the state DGP has now become debatable for Pawan to be a member of the House to be held before it is held. In fact, it was reported that Pavan had written a life sentence.

Pawan wrote a letter to the state DGP before the House in Guntur. Pawan said that if anyone attacked him, it would have a profound impact on public life and that the government would be responsible for it. But the activists expressed their opinion that Pawan’s echoing of the scandal would be hidden. Really, there are some doubts about whether Pawan is trying to kill him. However, Pawan, who has a huge fan base, has done a great deal of disagreement with the DGP, which feels that disastrous consequences may occur. Aravankonu has not been able to see any untoward happenings.