Sensational Comments by Kallam Ajay on Chandra Babu


Former Chief Secretary Ajay Kallam came out with guns blazing at chief minister Chandra babu Naidu. Kallam alleged alarming rates of corruption and money wastage on the name of capital formation. Recently ex CS IYR Krishna Rao criticised TDP policies regarding the same. Speaking to media in Hyderabad on Friday he confessed to writing a book called “Wake up call” on corruption in Amaravati.

Danger of crumbling societies: “ Building concrete cities is not how a veteran leader rules. The real development is judged upon how well the rural areas look. Excuse for a capital formation has now become a real estate playground. It is not advisable to develop one place alone. Instead, Vijayawada, Kurnool and Visakhapatnam should be looked upon as well. Welfare of the people in new state has been side lined and leaders have become corrupted. AP does not need a new capital, its just an excuse to misuse money” he said.

Feisty comments: speaking to media he said, “ Many people with make up on are in politics and people should be cautious of such people.” He expressed his growing concern for lack of questioning among the young generation.