BJP Senior Leader sensational comments on Sridevi death mistery

BJP Senior Leader sensational comments on Sridevi mistery

The death of a prominent Bollywood actress Sridevi has now become a sensation across the country. It was reported that she had died of a heart attack first. But more details emerge as Dubai superintendents say that Sridevi is accidental. Recently, the BJP senior and leading advocate Subhramanyaswamy made sensational comments. In his opinion, this is the murder of Sridevi.

Many suspicions have been raised on the death of Sridevi 

Moreover, Sridevi has no habit of drinking alcohol. He was suspicious of the issues in the forensic report. The doctors said the media had come forward and died of a heart attack. He said that he had strong alcohol with her. He also questioned what is the TV footage in the affair. If all this was observed, Sridevi was murdered. Expressed his opinion. Subhramanyaswamy said the prosecution should wait until the case is declared.